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Our Fab Day Out at Donington Park

Posted By Helen, 16 Oct 2010
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Why is it, that what to wear on a Day Out at Donington Race Track becomes more important than whether you have the correct documentation needed to partake in such an event?

Luckily my dawning realisation - travelling through the Peak District without both parts of my driving licence - that all the weeks of merticulous wardrobe planning might have fallen at the first huddle! How "sick as a parrot" would I have been watching Jo swerving through the cones at red hot speeds. 

Luckily I was saved by DH faxing it through so that I could fully enjoy the days events. 

4x4 off roading

Test driving the the S-Max and the 4x4 Kuga out on the roads with a heavy police presence started off our exciting day followed by an informed presentation on the new safety features that come as standard on Ford models.

After a pit stop the fun really kicked in with  both of us getting behind the wheel of a Ranger off roader - followed by testing the effectiveness of the anti braking systems on a Kuga whilst travelling at speed, negotiating obstacles on the track. And finishing on a high with a v speedy lap in a Focus RS.  No not us driving unfortunately (although I am sure I could of shown him a thing or two!) but a professional racing instructor showed us how it is done properly - white knuckles are unavoidable. 

Who can stop the ridiculous situation of having a two part driving licence? If anyone knows who I can address a rant to please let me know! Cheers

And cheers Mumsnet and Ford - fab cars, fab people and fab day!

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