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Five fun things to do with the kids in Manchester

28 May 2019

Manchester is certainly full of child-friendly fun things to do. Personally, I like mixing-up the more well-known, big-deal attractions you can find in the city centre with the smaller, quirkier, lesser-known stuff. Here are my top five places to take the kids!

Indulge yourself! Seven luxury child-friendly holidays to make you swoon

13 May 2019

Does a part of you still yearn for the days when you could jet off to beautiful destinations at the drop of a hat, relax in the finest surroundings and enjoy romantic meals gazing into your partner’s eyes? Wouldn’t it be great if you could still holiday at those fancy places with the kids in tow, knowing you wouldn’t be scowled or tutted at? That they might actually be welcomed with open arms and looked after like the top-class guests that they are?

Away with the Kids visits: Wallops Wood Cottages, Hampshire

9 May 2019

We make a point of aiming to visit everywhere we list here at Away with the Kids. So a few months back we sent one of our lovely reviewer families to go and stay at the stunning Wallops Wood Cottages in Hampshire - gorgeous cottages that are perfect for all ages. Over to Angela...

Should I go camping with my baby?

25 April 2019

It may seem like utter madness to launch yourself out of your house, away from your domestic appliances and into the middle of a field with a tiny baby in the name of holiday ‘fun’. How will it work? Will my baby be warm enough? Where will I put it down? How do I plug a baby monitor into a canvas tent? Can our sleep really get any worse?

The NO chocolate Easter Treasure Hunt that celebrates all the joys of spring!

6 April 2019

I don’t know about you but the minute the sun shows its face a moment longer in the sky than usual I am fully convinced that summer truly is on her way! I can almost smell the fresh cut grass and longer days. Among other things I revel in the joy of not having to dress the kids for the Arctic or in full waterproofs every time we go outside and that the sun is genuinely calling you out to admire and revel in all the joys of springtime with the promise of those endless sunny days just ahead!

Long car journeys with kids…and how to survive them!

1 April 2019

If like me, the thought of a long car journey with kids fills you with dread, then look no further. After reading this post, you will have a blissful journey with compliant children that won’t even ask once: “Are we there yet?” Well… maybe not, but at the very least it might help you feel less panicky about the journey and give you some other ideas to try once you’ve sung ‘The wheels on the bus’ for the 27th time.

13 child-friendly alternatives to motorway services

15 March 2019

If, like me, you've ever travelled with young kids and felt you needed a better, more entertaining, maybe even healthier (!) stop-off than the usual motorway services, then here is an ideal blog post for you! A fab new guide, 'The Extra Mile' has launched which features glorious and different places to break up your journey across England, Scotland and Wales. Its co-author Laura Collacott has highlighted some of the most family-friendly motorway alternatives for us. Here's her lovely piece with details at the bottom of how you can get yourself a copy of 'The Extra Mile'. I can't wait to visit some of these gems! Over to Laura...

9 tips for going skiing with the kids

11 March 2019

I have now taken my young children skiing several times - and I HIGHLY recommend it! Have a read of my handy hints for taking the kids to the slopes...

9 reasons families should visit Wood Farm Cottages in Norfolk

28 February 2019

We are delighted that we list Wood Farm Cottages on our site - they're a fantastic base for child-friendly holidays in North Norfolk. Having recently visited, here’s my lowdown on why they make a perfect destination for families.

Mindfulness for half term

15 February 2019

We asked Sian Stowell, a children's yoga and mindfulness teacher, for her ideas on simple activities to do with your child in half term to benefit your child, and you! Over to Sian...

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