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Bushcraft Skills at Brockhole Visitor Centre

Our Adventures

Brockhole Visitor Centre is always our first port of call when visiting the Lake District. We were incredible organised before we set off to the Lakes on our annual holiday and checked the girls in on a Bushcraft Skills course - just one of the many extra activities laid on for kids aged 8 upwards at Brockhole during the school holidays.

We were hoping to find a raft building or archery skills course on whilst we were visiting the Lakes but unfortunately they were on the previous week. Bushcraft skills was one of the choices available that I didn't think the girls would pick. But they did and for £8 per child for 2 hours it was a really unique experience they both enjoyed.

They started off learning how to light a fire by rubbing metal objects together to get a spark to catch light to a small square of a rag. Once lit it needed a lot of skill to get the straw to catch fire. 

Bushcraft Skills at Brockhole Visitor Centre

Both girls had a lot of fun trying to build a weather proof shelter. Once they had produced their masterpieces the instructor then showed them the easy way, however both girls were adamant that theirs was the best.

While the course was progressing we managed to have a quick pit-stop at the restaurant with Alfie (4) who was too young to join in. Alfie loves the playground at Brockhole Visitor Centre and after the girls completed their course we all hooked up together and enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon there by the shores of Windermere. 

Playground at Brockhole Visitor Centre


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