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Away with the kids – Halloween

Well it looks as if summer is well and truly over and thankfully the kids are back to school, but how about looking just around the corner and checking out what is going on between now and Christmas? Because we needn’t wait until December for the next instalment of family centric fun and games. Yes we are talking about the 31st of October and the wonderfully spooky occurrence otherwise known as Halloween! Let’s check out a few suggestions that will ensure our lovely kids are well and truly catered for on this ghoulish evening event!


Throw a Party!

Why not make your kids the centre of attention on Halloween and design your very own fun party for them? There are sure to be no shortage of willing attendees and you can really push the boat out for your special ones. Here are a couple of classic party games with the odd twist thrown in for good measure:

  • Apple Bobbing – Probably needs no introduction because this classic Halloween game has been around for ages. Fill up a bucket with cold water and throw a handful of juicy apples into the mix. Your kid’s friends need to have their hands behind their backs and the winner is the one who can successfully remove as many apples as possible with their teeth. This will get rather messy and you should have some warm towels at the ready just in case!
  • Guess the Ghost - Sit all of the partygoers in a large circle and play some spooky music. One child is blindfolded and he or she should walk around the circle whilst touching the heads of the participants. Once the music stops, the child whose head is being touched should let out a blood curdling scream! The ‘ghost’ then must guess who that child is, and a correct guess means the screamer then becomes the ghost, an incorrect guess means that the ghost has to continue the game until they get it right.

Trick or Treat Top Tips

Okay, Halloween parties are all well and good, but our kids will always love the opportunity to go trick or treating. Here are a couple of tips to ensure that the evening is as much safe fun as possible:

  • Always plan the route in advance, because this avoids the possibility of accidents and bumping into undesirables.
  • Ensure your kids are wearing decent shoes, or otherwise a nasty injury could follow.
  • Your kids should always carry some torches to see where they are going.
  • Although your little monsters will be rather excited, try to encourage them to walk rather than run!

Happy Halloween!

It’s a wonderful time of year and if you follow these little gems of advice, your kids will have a Halloween to remember for all the right reasons!


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