Away with the Kids visits... Macdonald Aviemore Resort

Away with the Kids visits... Macdonald Aviemore Resort

Aliex and family visited Scotland in late summer and had a super stay at the child-friendly Macdonald Aviemore Resort, located just a couple of hours from both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Here they tell us all about it...

How old were your children when you holidayed?

Iris is 5 and Edgar is 8.

Was the property easy to travel to?

Aviemore is a lovely area, we drove and the hotel was right in the centre and easy to find.

How did you find the rooms?

Our room was nice and the kids had their own small separate area partitioned by a wall. They had bunk beds and their own tv which they loved.

What were the on-site facilities?

The hotel had a spa and a swimming pool with an amazing water slide which the kids LOVED... they could have stayed in the pool all day! The pool is in a separate complex which was a few minutes' walk from our room. This was also where the kids' play areas were located. There are also four different restaurants to choose from to eat at, though opening times can vary so do check beforehand. There are plenty of places to eat in Aviemore town centre which is a short walk from the hotel too - but the kids do eat for free at the hotel which is a total bonus!

Was there a kids' club?

There isn’t a kids' club as such but there are some amazing children's play spaces including a 4-storey soft play area and separate rooms for older children and younger children with lots of games and toys to play with. Whilst we were there (during the summer holidays) there were also lots of activities going on within the grounds of the hotel complex. These incurred a small additional payment but there was so much choice. Grass sliding, archery, a visiting circus and there was an entire room of bouncy castles. We paid £2 per child and the kids could play for as long as they wanted! Epic!

Was there a spa?

Yes there was - though we didn’t have time to use it.

What was the highlight of your holiday?

Being in Aviemore in general - such a great place. There is so so much to do for families if you are active and love being outdoors! The staff at the resort were great - flexible and helpful. We were made to feel super welcome.

Do you think the description of the property on the Away with the Kids website matches up with the reality?

Everything that AwtK says is true!

Would you change anything about your holiday?

Possibly that we might have liked to have tried out a a room in the main hotel - and also that we could have stayed longer!

Would you recommend Macdonald Aviemore Resort? Who to?

Families with children who enjoy being active. Also family groups who are happy to walk a bit between the various hotel areas, places to eat, and activities - it is a resort so some walking is involved!

Would you consider going back?

We really loved Aviemore and would definitely like to come back. The resort is at the higher end of the price scale, so we'd need to have the budget to be able to return!

What did your children enjoy most about the holiday?

Their best bits were definitely the pool and the bouncy castles!

Quote text
I lovvvved ittttttt, I loved the swimming pool, I loved the room, I loved the bunk beds, i loved the telly, I loved the bouncy castle
Edgar, Age 8
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I was a mermaid in the massive pool!
Iris, Age 5