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Car Journeys and tips to help make them go faster

Are you planning a fun get away with your kids this #bankholiday - even a #dayout up the road helps break the monotony of holidays filled with the dreaded with the prospect of nothing to do! We know how difficult it can be entertaining #kids on a long journey, so we've put together our top tips! If you have any advice of your own, leave a comment below!

In The Car

So you have your day out tickets, your holiday itinerary at the ready and you're off!  Seating area is somewhat retricted when bags of wellies sit alongside a spare sleeping bag*, bags of dolls, bags of dolls clothes, bags of dolls shoes, twenty seven separate toiletry items (12 yeard old!), bag of nail varnishes for nail art (12 year old again), bag of snacks, another bag of snacks (prompts the 'What? Are there no shops, restaurants or pubs within a 50 mile radius of where we are going? look from Robert), bag of colouring books with pens, bag of gadgets including SLR which NEVER gets to see the light of day anymore thanks to iPhone and Instagram - but just in case - bags of clothes if we are staying over-night, tons of bags of clothes if any longer than one night given you never know what the weather will do - hence bag of wellies!

So you see space is a premium - and I haven't even mentioned the gear should we be going camping!  Sitting in close proximity to one another should not be a problem and many, many times we have joyfully easy, hysterically funny, horribly long trips - the girls are all good friends. Should however a little deomon just strike one of them out of the blue the volume escalates to the point at which even I scream - normally PLEASE BE QUIET!  Occassionaly not as polite!  This can have happened before we have left the petrol station at the bottom of our hill.  So keeping them happy and occupied should be number two priority behind priority number one; always driving safely. Stack up on snacks, have lots of little games to play, lots of little bags to open, a huge variety of music, sing-a-long CDs (Disney Princesses is awesome - I've been watching the #LegoMovie - everything is awesome!), a list of thinking out load games, reading books (obviously not for those who get sick!) and  ELC's magic scroller which has been a long-stay companion in all of our cars keeping tabs on name lists, car regs, colours, drawings of anything and everything and a deadly weapon for whacking an annoying sister over the head - cue scream and a re-evaluation of the priority number one mentioned above. 

So you see Travel Tips are vital.

I never leave the house for a holiday without a multi-pack of wipes, Calpol, plasters, arnica and Sudocreme - never.  And bottles of water, an inordinate number of.

*Just in case we breakdown in the middle of no-where, with no signal and its freezing, freezing cold my children need to have a source of warmth - available ALL YEAR.  I know the odds - we live in England, not Western Australia, but you never know! 


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