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What is it about the Micro Scooter that makes it such a popular brand with kids?

12 September 2011


Visiting my local park with the family it seems that this brand has the monopoly in the scooter market, as almost all the kids whizzing around on scooters are these Micro Scooters. And at prices starting from for £49.95 for the Mini Micro Scooter, they are not the cheapest. So what is it about the Micro Scooter that makes them so popular?

V.I.P. Hamley’s Tour, London

6 February 2011


Hamley's on Regent Street, London is, in my ten year old daughter's eyes "the best toy shop in the world".

Kids Do Travel - Travel gear for young explorers…

13 January 2011


Visit Kids Do Travel new range of high quality childrens travel and holiday accessories. From luggage, lunchbags, rucksacks and towelling robes to easily packed booster seats and chair harnesses.

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