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Crabbing - a cheap day out at Poole Quay!

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Grab a line, a net and bucket and off you go - crabbing is easy, relaxing and really good, inexpensive (free one you've got your equipment!) fun!

We popped down to Poole Quay this week to join the hoardes of holiday makers promenading along the front of the harbour.  It's a hive of activity with lots of places to eat, lots of things to see, perfect people watching spots and the reason we were there, crabbing opportunites - the perfect Day Out

So with nets purchased at the nearby kiosk and a crab bucket from the free RNLI museum - go and see the proudly displayed boat that brought back troops from Dunkirk - we got to work!  

Crab lines down, nets at the ready we caught our first after a patient five minutes - which admittedly felt longer with five kids desperate for the catch!  Two hours later we'd caught 54 of the little blighters, had a picnic and killed the early afternoon hours.  Aggie with her sopping wet net proved to be a liability and many passers by got a wet surprise - fortunately she charmed them by presenting her scrabbling about crabs in her bucket!  

So if you're anywhere near a harbour/quayside grab yourself a line - my three love it - as do my sister's two.  A line costs 99p, the bucket £3 (it was a charity bucket!) and you are guaranteed hours of fun.  I still have to get over the issue of handling slimy fish bait mind - bacon works a treat!!!  


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