I once read a magazine that suggested travelling to the most gorgeous luxury, spa hotel with your new baby – which happened to be a two hour road trip away from a twelve hour flight across to Bangkok!?!

Yes, I really did. I wondered who had made such a trip and felt complete and utter admiration for them. I did though ask my-self, "Why would you?!".


Why? When your bits aren't quite right and you're getting to grips with feeding, nappies, winding, nappies, crying would you put yourself through the packing restrictions, a long haul flight and a road trip for the promise of a luxury spa holiday - potentially filled with lots of honey-mooning couples who are looking for peace and seclusion.

I'm the first in the queue for the promise of down time and peace but not after the ordeal of a days travelling and most certainly not when I'm sure my reaction to my gorgeous baby screaming would have been to run to the hills. Now that’s potentially my personal insecurity, feeling awkward whilst trying to curtail screams in the middle of Eden, but in my book that's not a break - that's mental torture!

Holidaying in the UK. Holidays in your home country. Now there’s a sensible suggestion. Just at least until you have got to grips with feeding times, sleep patterns (if you manage to achieve one) and the absolute necessities required for a harmonious(ish) time. You may pack the car to the hilt if you want the comfort of taking everything you have up to now used and may ever need (we have all done it – you live and learn!), you have complete control over getting home, there’s no fear of heat waves (sadly) or dehydration (brilliant), no worries about supplies, extra muslin cloths from Boots, no restriction on essentials. Your family can even come and visit for the day – unless they are the reason you are going!

The UK is glorious on a hot, sunny day. It can be equally glorious if you’re wrapped up warm with a papoose, on a hill walk in drizzle – it’s simply a case of being prepared! With so many wonderful places to be discovered, up from Lands End to the Highlands of Scotland, the Lakes across to the Giant’s Causeway our countries are teeming with views, beaches, experiences and adventures. Said weather can of course not play ball but we know that already, and those kind days out people have set up many attractions, things to do and places to eat to keep all of our family amused and fed.

Whether you’re heading to a seaside destination, a luxury hotel break with a crèche and that fabulous spa or a back to nature family camping or glamping trip in the countryside, there are many destinations to browse on Away with the Kids. Holidaying in the UK offers so much for the family without the need for endless travel.

So for your family holiday in 2016 consider the UK and potentially reduce your stress levels, save on your bank balance - even perhaps your sanity - and enjoy a break that you fully deserve with uk-based luxury family hotels, family friendly hotels and much more.