Escape to the hills - or wherever might feed your soul - with some suggestions of day trip ideas to enjoy with your family, taking into account the restrictions in place to protect us from Covid.

With Covid-19 related restrictions relaxing on a global scale, parents across the country are breathing a collective sigh of relief. As you may have heard, travelling in a car for day trips is now allowed, and with plenty of scenic locations to enjoy in the UK, it’s only natural to start planning your trip with the little ones. However, we are not out of the woods yet. The risk of contracting the coronavirus is still very real, and it is more important than ever to know how to keep you, and your family, safe when away from home.

As of June 20th, it is mandatory to cover your face on public transport. Whilst you will more than likely be reaching your destination by car, as stated in the government guidelines, keeping your face covered when out and about it a good rule of thumb. The reason face-masks have proven effective is all due to how the virus is spread - every time an infected person speaks, coughs, or even breathes, it can spread droplets that settle on to surfaces, allowing someone else to unknowingly catch it. For this reason, keeping your mouth and nose covered can help dramatically lower infection rates. This is easier said than done when out with younger children, but with plenty of colourful designs on the market, it may help to get them involved in selecting their own masks, and making the process fun!


Whilst we are now enjoying far more freedom than before, this is only due to the effort we have put in so far to prevent a spike in infection rates. In order to continue this good work, we must continue to follow the rules. Make sure you brush up on advice from the government before you travel. The most important of which is something you’ll have heard a million times by now: staying 2 meters apart from those outside of your household is key to keeping yourself safe, and something you should bear in mind every time you leave your house - not just on day trips.

Anywhere you go, you are likely to find a restaurant or two offering takeaway options, and whilst most are adhering to strict safety standards, you can’t always guarantee the same of other customers. To limit contact, especially when travelling somewhere new, it’s best to take food prepared at home. Just be sure to dispose of your rubbish correctly!


We know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s worth repeating anyway! The best defence we have against Covid-19 is maintaining a high standard of hygiene. This means washing your hands regularly (ideally, after each new activity), using soap and warm water, disinfecting touched objects, and avoiding touching your face and especially putting fingers in your mouth. This is doubly true when travelling, though may be difficult to put into practice. Remember, although it is no substitute for a proper wash, hand sanitiser will do in a pinch, and it doesn’t hurt to have some to hand.


This is easier said than done, especially given that many parents will have the same idea as you. For particularly in scenic hotspots, such as beaches, you can probably expect a relatively busy crowd. This can be a nightmare at the best of times, but with Covid-19 looming over our heads, is downright dangerous at the moment. Where possible, it is best to avoid anywhere where you may be forced to come into close contact with others. Before you go, it’s worth doing some research into quieter alternatives to your ideal location, so that if it is too cramped for comfort, you have a back-up plan in mind.

At Away With the Kids, we know how difficult a time this is for everyone. Remember, we’re here to help you in anyway that we can. Make sure you keep an eye out on our website for more of our tips for keeping you and your family safe.