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Lightwater Valley Theme Park near Ripon

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It started off ever so dignified with a ride on the carousel. And ended up with ear piercing shrieks on the dreaded Claw. Luckily the end was not captured on film!

The Elliott's and the Barker's with kids in tow Emily B - 9, Evie E - 8, Hannah B - 7, Lottie E - 6, Alfie B- 3 and Aggie E - 2 all were suitably entertained for the whole day and that is no mean feat with the diversity of tastes.

Lightwater Theme Park

Only one hiccup happened when Daddy B lost his sunglasses coming down the water shoot - thankfully they were retrieved and in one piece. Mummy B was more annoyed at him for having two consecutive goes on the shoot without asking if she would like a go!

Lightwater Valley

Anyway everyone who wanted a go on the Claw managed to get a turn and when the floor disappears from under you then adrenaline really starts to kick in. This ride is not for the faint hearted and once tried there was only one who went back for me - the andrenaline junkie Emily B!


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