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London’s Child Friendly Hotels

Our Adventures

London's child-friendly hotels beckoned this week - not the shops much to Helen's dismay (though she tried!) - though we did pay a visit to the Earls Court Baby Show. We thought we'd mosey on down to the show and somehow managed to squeeze in a few (very exciting) meetings, visit three hotels, visit the show (twice) and review two hotels in the two days that we were there. I do forget how much quicker traveling sans kids is - though suspect not quick enough for H!

We found lots of goodies at the show that we'll be highlighting on the Links Page (soon to be indexed) - stuff that will hopefully help make traveling easier.

And the hotels were fabulous. We have cracked the top end of child-friendly hotels in London. Many places tick that "Children welcome" box - many sites advertise them as being such.  Having visited MANY places we KNOW those hotels that we list are genuinely child-friendly, equally our hotels want it to be known that families are welcome and they are more than happy (and prepared) when you all bowl up. The tide is turning for the UK Family Holiday market ... hooray and about time too!

If you’re after a family holiday in other parts of England, head over to our list of family friendly holidays.


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