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More Family Festivals

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It's that time again and given that Glastonbury was dry this year it's looking good for a fabulous Festival Season - and this is the year you brave it with the kids is it not?  There are lots of family friendly festivals that will make you so very welcome - and many with lots of activities to keep the kids happy.  This list is in no way comprehensive given the vast number of local festivals to hand - any recommendations let us know.


Shambala - 27th - 30th August

Where: Northamptonshire - it's a secret

It's flamboyant, colourful and fun - fancy forming your own carnival troupe for the carnival procession? No idea who's playing - you have to wait and see once you're there - it's the atmosphere, vibe and intimate places that will make you smile - you'll have a ball.

Cost: Adult Weekend Ticket £109, Teens £59, 5-14 £25, under 5s free

Wickerman - 23 - 24 July

Where: East Kirkcarswell Farm, Dumfies & Galloway

Well Ocean Colour Scene are playing and in my view that's the only reason you need! But then the Charlatans are headlining! Big music mix and things for the kids to do, glamping abounds, good easy-going folk, interesting things to see and do and a perfect way of introducing your kids to the music that you love.

Cost: Adult weekend ticket £85, 13-15s £42.50, under 12s free

Kendal Calling - 30th July - 1st August

Where: Lowther Deer Park, Lake District

Badly Drawn Boy, The Doves, Stereo MCs playing with lots of others on stages where no treks are required. A small festival in a ready made village - almost - it's low key deliberately and set up beautifully with a kids area where they can make percussion instruments and masks and simply play games - perfect family festival with convenient camping area, baby changing and separate toilets.

Cost: Adult Weekend Ticket £85, Under 14s £40, Under 11s free.


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