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Our Crannog Day Out

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Our Crannog Day Out with the Kids

Making fire, grinding grain, turning wood - it was all happening on this adventure - I wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes it seems!

The Crannog lies across a boardwalk to the Loch - just as it would have been centuries ago when our ancestors escaped the midges - and enemies - and lived over the water.

The Crannog Centre provides a fantastic insight into how life was lived - and you get the chance to have a go as well with the fabulous practical workshops where kids and adults alike can have a go at wood turning, grinding grain and holding onto your hard earned flour before the robins fly off with it - and getting a roaring fire going - all particularly labour intensive but my how satisfying.

Girls turning the old fashioned way ...

We spent a good couple of hours strolling through the exhibition display, dressing up to get to the Crannog and playing on the 'ancient craft machinery'.  The girls thought it fantastic - we didn't master the fire-making though Eve tried her hardest and got some smoke!!!  

To travel the Loch as our ancestors would have done Dug Out canoes will be available to hire from May 2011.  

Winter opening from February - dress warmly! 

Adults £6.50 Seniors £5.75 Children £4.50 - Family from £21.00. 


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