I didn't really know what to expect from 'The Enchanted Christmas House’ as we made our way to this lovely part of London so off we went filled with anticipation - that is my husband, son of 5 and daughter of 3…

Upon arrival we were greeted and ushered into a nice lobby area with refreshments and mince pies while we waited for other families to arrive. Our children immediately went into the 'free play area' where there was a mixture of dressing up, water and sand, role play, building and other fun things; all of which were supervised by the friendly and engaging elves.


After around 20 minutes we were invited to sit around the stage for the start of the show which cleverly introduced us to the theme of the day and a story that explained what we would need to do to 'save Christmas'. The kids loved the show, which was interactive and entertaining.

We then moved on to our first mission to create snowmen and pine cone people. During this activity the children were invited by Mrs Claus to meet Farther Christmas. As we had filled in some information about our children when we booked, Santa had the inside track and was able to ask the children about things only they knew which helped with instilling the knowledge that Santa knows everything! Father Christmas gave the children craft based Xmas gifts which kept our kids entertained once we got home.

We then followed a singing Mrs Claus to the baking room where the children began decorating Gingerbread Men and making Christmas cards. Surprising visits from various characters kept everyone alert and happy. Once baking was over our next stop was the Genie’s room with interactive storytelling, drumming, a treasure hunt and more.

We then had another break for free play before the 2nd part of the show started - an excellent idea so that the children didn’t over-load and could build up their anticipation again.

The second part comprised a show which brought together all of the elements from the day including the children's creations which were used to save Christmas from the 'evil pumpkins'. The show was very engaging and even our slightly shy little boy was taking part with gusto. Fun songs, a good story and rendition of the ever popular "Let it go", had all the children fully entertained.

Three hours passed quickly, and the children were not bored or distracted for a second. We came back homes with goodie bags, two very happy kids and lots of good memories.
Highly recommended.

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