Are you looking for family holidays in France and have always wanted to try a family ski holiday? In this article, we'll be giving you the rundown of some top tips for a family ski holiday.

Not only does France boast some of the best architecture and history but its skiing resorts have been regarded as some of the best in the world.


Family holidays in France can be an experience of a lifetime. Not only does France boast some of the best architecture and history but its skiing resorts have been regarded as some of the best in the world. Skiing is considered a sport for the wealthy but as more child friendly holidays in France become available, it's considered the place to go for a family ski holiday no matter your budget. Image is courtesy of Alpine Elements showcasing one of thier fabulous family ski resorts at Tignes Lavachet in France, who have some fantastic offers on for family skiing holidays.

Why is France the best place for a family ski holiday?

1. French ski resorts are huge yet ski passes in France still remain the cheapest in world.

2. France remains the best place for a family ski holiday due to its affordability and having the biggest ski resorts.

3. Many of the ski resorts are connected so no transport is needed between ski lifts.

4. France has great weather for skiing and in fact in 2013 a resort re-opened during June!

When to go skiing in France with the Family?

Family friendly ski holidays are best during March and April as it's warmer plus there's longer daylight hours for your little ones to make snow angels!

January, March and April (avoiding Easter) is also a great time for a family holiday in France skiing as travel prices and accommodation are lower.

Be aware, special holidays such as Christmas, New Year and Half Term are the most expensive since it's school holiday season.

Where to stay during a family holiday in France skiing?

Family ski chalets are a popular choice as there's room for all of the family. Plus many ski chalets can fit groups of 6 and over, so it's useful if there's a big group of you going on child friendly holidays together. The ski chalets are usually self catering too so it’s one less expense to cater for.

How to Have Child Friendly Holidays in France

1. If your child has never skied before, it's best to put them in for a few lessons with the resort's instructors.

2. Encourage your child to master the nursery slopes to help them build their confidence.

3. Monitor their ski time. Too much time in the wet and cold can make for grumpy children. Ensure they have regular breaks and hot food and drink to pad out the day.

4. Join children up to activity clubs. Give the adults a break and let your children meet other children. Most resorts will have extra activities but it's wise to pre-book in high season.

What to pack for holidays in France skiing?

Sun block
- despite the cold, the sun’s rays reflect off the snow and can burn skin quite easily! Remember to seek out skiing specific sunblock which usually comes in a range of funky colours. And to apply more to youngsters as they burn a lot quicker.

Eye protection
- skiing goggles and sunglasses. The glare from the sun and the bright snow over a few days is enough to leave you squinting and it can be damaging. Make sure to invest in some good quality ski eyewear protection for all of the family.

Lip protection and moisturizer
- skin can become dry, cracked and sore. Especially for children who suffer with eczema, therefore apply more moisturiser to the body and face than you normally would after a day on the slopes.

Thermal layers for skiing
: skiing jackets and salopettes won’t be enough to keep the family entirely warm. Bring extra thermals layers including hats, gloves, base layers, long johns and socks.

Ski clothing
: ski clothing can be rented from the resorts and in some cases it can be included in the package such as skiing helmets which are compulsory at certain resorts. As ski clothing can be quite expensive, if it’s your first time perhaps borrow from friends who’ve been skiing before. A hardy jacket and salopettes should be on your to-get list.

Other clothing
: when you’re not skiing with the family, ensure you have other warm more light weight clothes packed so you’ve something to wear for every occasion - thermals still advised!

A Few Things to Add for a Fantastic Child Friendly Holiday in France Skiing

Avoid January
with small children as it’s one of the coldest times to ski;
Pre-book childcare
and activities in advance during high season;
Vary activities
to keep the family occupied
Write a kit list
Check whether your skiing holiday package includes lift passes or not
Pre-book skiing lessons
for the family

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