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We have an Allotment!


Discover our journey into greenfingers - the joys and the pitfalls. Our adventure starts with signing for our plot on Green Lane Allotments.

I know it's not much to look at but we were very excited to get started on our Allotment today at Green Lane Allotments. After a wait of nearly 3 years we had the decision to choose between 3 plots - 2 half plots and one quarter plot. My instinct was to initially go with the biggest plot and to get help on board. I enlisted the skills and wisdom of my dear friend Ewa who will help me out when she can but realistically she is a mum of twin boys who have just turned one.  So with this in mind we decided to plump for the quarter plot.

I think it was a wise choice and don't want the allotments to take over my life - already v. busy - but will relish the chance to be able to tinker, learn and grow whatever I can.

I admit I know very little and will initially be on a very sharp learning curve. After 3 hours spent digging, clearing and probably ripping out things I shouldn't, I am happy I have at least spent quality time with my eldest daughter sharing dreams for our little patch of land.

We have poured over the internet over our first initial outlay - the shed - which has got to incorporate; storage for the tools, our escape hole for a cuppa and to be able to park 2 comfy deckchairs outside, to be able to peruse our fruits of labour.

As previously mentioned I know very little about gardening so please join me on my learning curve. Anyone who would like to share their gardening gems and tips on having an allotment please feel free to e-mail pictures, pearls of wisdom and what I should be planting and when would be greatly appreciated.

My daughter Emily - aged 10 has also very cannily negotiated a deal for an hourly rate of £2.20 per hour to help me out on our patch; although I do like to think she would do it for nothing at all!

Green Lane Allotments


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