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What is it about the Micro Scooter that makes it such a popular brand with kids?


Visiting my local park with the family it seems that this brand has the monopoly in the scooter market, as almost all the kids whizzing around on scooters are these Micro Scooters. And at prices starting from for £49.95 for the Mini Micro Scooter, they are not the cheapest. So what is it about the Micro Scooter that makes them so popular?

I succumbed to the pressure of the kid’s demands and acquired a Maxi and Mini Scooter for them. Alfie aged 4 had already a cheap scooter that we had bought as it had gimmicky lights on it. At the time I thought I had a bargain. Alfie never uses it because it is cumbersome and difficult for a little one to balance on.  I think he felt frustrated that it took a lot of effort on his part to try and keep up. Many a time he had wanted to set off to the shops and got half way down the road only to run out of steam and give up.

Meanwhile on the Micro Scooter...

So when the postman delivered these packages it lead to excited yelps of “is it the scooters mum?” And getting the product out of the box I have to admit they are very striking and eye catching. With one simple click the two parts slot into each other and you’re off.

We choose the Min Micro in neon yellow and the Maxi Micro in limited edition lime green, just so when the girls grew out of the Maxi and handed it down to Alfie we thought green was the safer option than pink.

Our first outing to the local park was a big hit. As soon as the kids got the hang of not having to turn the handle forwards and backwards but to lean and pivot it from side to side there was no stopping them. I was amazed how quick Alfie was up to speed on his and not once was there a fuss about tired legs.

We have a lovely smooth path at our local park, which was just a dream surface for these scooters.

So what is it that makes these scooters so much fun?

Well for a start the footplate is very close to the ground and it is wider than other models thus making it easier for kids to feel secure and balanced. The wheel combination makes for a smooth ride with two large wheels at the front giving great stability. The pivot action of the handle is very unique and once mastered makes manoeuvring very easy. All the kids have to do is lean! And of course the eye-catching design means the kids think they’re the coolest kids around.

My older girls argue all the time over whose turn it is to take the Maxi Scooter to school. The scooters have been used so much in the short time they have had them; they are well worth the investment. There is also an online shop in which you can order spare parts when the wheels get worn out.

They scooters make the school runs so much easier, especially with my youngest Alfie who has just started in reception. Walking, he was a nightmare and many times asked for a carry. But as long as he is on his Micro Scooter there are no such complaints.

I love the fact that with one click of a button the scooter separates into 2 parts making for easy storage. We go away on many weekends for a family break or visiting relatives with a jam-packed boot, but we always manage to find the odd gap in which to fit the scooters in.

And you could get your hands on either a Maxi or a Mini Micro Scooter if you enter and be the lucky winner of our scooter competition. Just click here for further details. 

Mini Micro Scooter


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