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Whitby Tragedy

Travel Tips

Please be aware of keeping your kids safe in the sea or playing near, or in any water for that matter.

We unfortunately witnessed a horrible tragedy at Whitby that ended in a teenage lad losing his life. What started out as a jovial fun by the seaside ended in utter devastation for the families involved. Needless to say it has brought home to us as parents and to our kids the dangers of the sea and how life so precious can be lost so quickly. I would just like to highlight to all parents to be extremely conscious when kids are playing in the sea and at all times to keep an eye on them.

At Whitby, where this horrible incident occurred, there was a stretch on the beach where lifeguards were in plain view of the public and there was a specific flagged area where it was deemed safe to bath or play in the sea. This tragedy occured possibly 400m away from this flagged area.

Thankfully the lifeguards involved, who risked their lives to save these three teenageers, returned to land safely. The lifeguards have my utmost respect to dive into rough, choppy waters right besides the harbour wall where it was so obviously hazardous, with no hesitation.

We were told to get off the beach while the helicopter landed and it was an amazing site to behold - just wish there had been a happy ending.

So yes, water waves and sunshine can be great fun but please keep safe.


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