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Year of the Dragon - and braving the hoards!

Our Adventures

Happy New Year!
We decided to take the kids to the China Town celebrations here in Manchester - crowds of people were there admiring the wares, scoffing the delicious food and marveling at the 175ft dragon winding it's way around Albert Square and off into China Town.  We even had an appearance of the Money God who purportedly bestowed wealth for a whole year on any-one who touched him - I still cannot believe he wasn't mobbed.

It was a long wait but the dragon finally emerged after a newly wedded couple - bizarre - the kids at that stage were cold and bored but soon cheered up when the roaring dragon came swooping by - "I got him!" yelled Lottie as she yanked at the beautifully ornate body - good job it wasn't real - she'd have been fried.
Said dragon danced off to pastures new whilst we managed to squeeze through the crowds and not lose any precious little people.  We finally landed at the Pearl Restaurant where the 12 of us banqueted on staple favourites; duck in every kind of sauce - as ordered by the Welchs, big ribs as gnawed at by most of the kids and Dave, chicken - by all - and my bean-curd which was eaten by - me!  Noodles, seaweed, rice and prawn crackers went down a storm - as did the Tiger beer - we might have had more if not for the anticipation of the crowds and the train journey home!
It's been a good day - perfect Sunday killing time activity clearly.  And now we're home - at least some of us are; the Barkers have the Elliotts for a sleep over - H is sometimes a glutton for punishment.  
We are desperately trying to get properties uploaded after our trip to the North East and Helen's solo-trip - more about that another time - to South Wales and Somerset.  We shall let you know as our reviews are available - should just mention that the beautiful School Cottages got a great big Places We Love badge from Helen - see here
A quick mention - we have had the pleasure of driving a fantastically comfortable and luxurious hybrid Lexus 450 courtesy of Toyota - we are indeed very lucky.  Helen did comment that 'it' could move as she shimmied (read zoomed) around a dawdling person - she recommends not over-doing the emergency stops - these brakes REALLY do work - very effectively!  The delivery driver, much to my joy, actually queried my being prepared to leave his vehicle on the road and not on a drive - I then found my-self stating I had just passed my test - and very quickly had to say "joke" as he paled!  Should you fancy a very worthwhile test-drive give John Brookes a call at the press office and tell him Jo told you to!


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