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Crabbing on Poole Quay Fisherman's Dock, Poole



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So what to do when you're sand-castled out and the sea has just a tad too much of a nip?  A visit to any quay or harbour is a must to pass a very inexpensive few hours of fun. Grab yourself a crab line (99p), a landing (fishing) net (£1.25), bait a couple of quid and a bucket (£3 from the RNLI museum - cheaper at the bait shop) and off you go.

We visited Poole Quay and once organised cast our lines, complete with squid in the lure net (bacon is easier to handle says the vegetarian!) then waited patiently - five minutes is quite a long time with five kids and lots of anticipation. Once the crabs get a whiff of the nosh however you've got it made. Be sure to make sure your landing net is positioned below the crab line to catch any canny crab that will drop like a stone if he doesn't fancy the bucket stay!

Be sure also not to launch said crab line wholeheartedly into the water without holding on - sure fire way to ensure load exclamations from parents and inconsolable screams from the three year old owner!

54 crabs later we had a crab race at the slip way - the unceremonious dumping of crabs, and turning some the right side up, saw them scuttling down to the waters edge - some at great speed - others a little more sedate - and waiting patiently for the next round of baited nets and feast to come!

Pop into the RNLI museum close by - it's free and proudly displays a life boat that has been restored beautifully - more importantly and poignantly said life boat brought back our troops from Dunkirk - it's worth a visit.

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