Child Friendly Glamping UK: Back to Nature with More Than a Few Creature Comforts!

Glamping in the UK has seen a significant rise over the last 5 years. Yes, we may have unpredictable weather but we have an impressive range of beaches, mountains, hills, countryside and little pieces of unheard heaven!

All of which, is easy to access and doesn’t cost the earth. However, any mention of the word camping may bring back early memories of trying to find the toilet block in pitch black, cold showers, burnt camp food, all of which seemed exciting as a child but not so much as an adult!

By AwtK

13 February 2017

The good news is family Glamping doesn’t have to be all of that. In fact, glamping came to be so popular because we wanted to claim back some creature comforts as well as immersing ourselves in nature! So yes, you can have a warm shower, a kitchen to cook in, a real bed and even a hot tub! If you’re not convinced, here are our reasons why we love child friendly glamping in the UK.

4 More Than Good Reasons to Take the Family Glamping in the UK

1. Open Spaces

When you’ve children, there’s always a worry of them bumping into expensive or dangerous things. The need to watch them is constant and a holiday can be tiring keeping track of them! The great news is, glamping sites are usually in secluded locations which empty fields, woods and streams for them to go crazy in! Often, glamping sites are only able to a hold a small number of people, so there’s no issue with waking up the neighbours with excited monkeys. Take for example Middle Stone Farm in Somerset, with 32 acres of rolling Cornish countryside. As well as open space, you’ve ensuite bathrooms within your Safari Tent and even a wood burning hot tub!

2. You don’t have to give up your creature comforts

In fact the opposite, many glamping site owners go to great lengths to provide ultimate luxury and comfort that you’ll never want to leave! If the children are not used to being in the great outdoors, then it’s wise to introduce them to it gently. The Dandelion Hideaway in Leicester, is a haven for creature comforts including; a farmhouse kitchen, baths, flushing toilet, hot water, a fully stocked farm shop on site and not to mention an impressive array of farm animals which the little ones can help to care for!

3. You don’t have to switch off completely

Whilst it is nice and recommended to completely ditch the technology and switch off from it all, we understand that’s not always possible. You can forget dodgy internet connection though in the middle of the countryside, certainly not when you’re at Drovers Rest, Herefordshire complete with a Hayloft with free Wi-Fi, sky TV, Wii, games and more. Although the 200 acres of a wildflower meadow, bluebell woodlands, nature reserve, apple orchid, ponies, den building and the Black Mountains as a backdrop may just keep the kids distracted from their technology fixes!

4. Bring all of the family

Including Nan, Grandad and the dog. Lots of child friendly glamping sites in the UK have additional accommodation for additional family members and are even dog friendly. Brownscombe Luxury Glamping, South Devon is a prime example of this with a delightful hideaway for two as well as the three safari tent each sleeps 6. Set in a private valley which has been farmed by the same family for over 30 years, the wildlife haven comes equipped with wood burning stoves, hot tubs, and even a cargo net for the kiddies. You have to be there to believe it.

Child Friendly Glamping Activities

1. Star gazing

Luckily for you, all of our child friendly glamping UK sites are set in secluded locations meaning no light pollution. Fantastic for star gazing then!

2. Learn about nature

Glamping with our children helps us to feel connected to nature and there’s certainly been many studies about the positive impact it has on our health. Most of our site owners have farms and will be more than happy to answer any of your children’s nature related questions. And there are fresh eggs for breakfast…

3. Stories around the campfire

Or indeed around the log burner (told you it was glamourous). Encourage your child’s imagination by getting them to tell the family a story before bedtime (best done with toasted marshmallows)

4. Camp cooking

Since our glamping properties come equipped with luxurious farm house kitchens, it doesn’t mean the children can’t chip in with their own cooking. Get them to collect their fresh eggs, or even let them have a go at baking their own bread.

See? We told you, there would be no compromises whilst glamping with the family in the UK. To find your perfect spot, contact us today.