Brittany, France, is a popular family holiday destination. With over 2800 km of scenic coastline, there’s a spectacular view for everyone. Weekly food markets satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

The most curious of minds can learn about Brittany’s fascinating history and it has plenty of it, since it has the 2nd largest historical heritage after Paris.


There really is something for all of the family travelling around Brittany.

The idea of a road trip is exciting but, if you’re road tripping with the family and especially younger children, it can be stressful if you’re not prepared…

Top Travelling Tips with Children around Brittany

Driving from Calais to Brittany is an exciting start to your road trip with your family. However, long travelling hours can mean grumpy children as well as mum and dad so remember to:

Be Prepared

Plan your trip around your child’s schedule: drive during nap times and stop for feed times.
Safety first: pack a first aid kit and any medication your child takes and double-check their child’s car seat.

Pack strategically: take an extra bag for things you’ll need easy access to on the road instead of getting your suitcase messed up.

Keep important documents insight: passports, insurance and so on need to be on hand - most cars have an under-seat drawer or glove box and make great storage compartments.
Preparation: fed and rested children make for better travelling buddies

Split the adults up: to stop any backseat fights with the children ensure one adult is travelling in the back.

Distract: siblings from fighting with their favourite toy, song, or dvd.
Provide lots of snacks: opt for sugar and colour free since bouncing children in the back of the car is probably not the best idea!

Entertain: old fashion eye spy games or gaming and language apps that can be played on tablets, iPads and mobiles.

Split up parenting duties: whilst one drives, the other entertains and switch up regularly to ensure everyone is in the best of moods.

Stop for breaks: get children to take pictures of the scenery, or if there are picnic stops, get some much-needed food and run around time.

Prevention rather than cure

Make the journey fun

Our Top Child Friendly Holidays in Brittany

The road trip is just the start and choosing a child friendly accommodation is super important.

We have some treats for you!

Petites Maisons dans la Prairie will impress the older children with its stylish interiors and plenty of space to chill out away from the adults.

Emerald Coast Gites will have beach loving children buzzing since it’s just 15 minutes away from the coast. Plus it comes with a fun room and heated pool.

Le Bois Coudrais has everything it needs on-site to keep the kids occupied from a heated pool to farm animals to pet and feed.

Le Portail Bleu Gites with a pool, play areas, animals to pet and completely child-centred this place has lots to do on-site and days out nearby.

La Garenne Cottages & Gites is situated alongside a river, perfect for a riverside stroll, cycle and wildlife spotting. Equipped with everything you need for your child’s fun including; outdoor games, canoe hire and heated outdoor pool.